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Cosmetic Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

2-3 hours after treatment

Dampen a clean cotton pad and wipe lymph fluid/plasma from brows 2-3 hours after

appointment to ensure a crust does not form on the brow and begin to scab, apply a

very small amount of aftercare cream to the brows following wiping


Repeat 2-3 times for the next 24 hours, ensure the brows feel clean but do not rub

overly abrasive.

In the next 7 days: maintain facial hygiene and continue to wash your brows 1-2 times

a day, apply the cream after washing the area. Avoid getting your brows wet in the

shower and having them overly moist or submerged in water at any point


What to avoided:

1 week:

- Makeup in the area

- Sun exposure

- Sweating (DO NOT WORKOUT)

- Anything abrasive on your eyebrows

4 weeks:

- Avoid botox for 3 weeks after a cosmetic tattoo


This section will go over general questions about Microblading and Cosmetic Tattoos, please read through before booking.

Cosmetic tattooing and microblading cannot be done if you are:
Pregnant or nursing


Have any autoimmune disease

On blood thinners/heart medications of any sort

Have viral infections and/or diseases or sick (cold/flu)

Have thyroid/graves disease (pigment may not retain properly)


Are on a pacemaker or major heart problems or had an organ transplant

Have skin irritations or Psoriasis near treated area (rashes, sunburn, acne...)

Prone to keloid scars

Had Botox in the past 3 weeks in that area

Used Accutane in the past year

What is Microblading?

Microblading, is a hairstroke eyebrow tattoo, it is a form cosmetic tattoo. Hairstrokes are manually tattooed into the eyebrows, to produce the appearance of fuller looking brows, and to enhance the natural shape of brows. Pigment is implanted into the surface layer of the dermis and will last from 1-3 years.

Is Microblading permanent?

Microblading is semi-permanent, during microblading the pigment is put into the surface

layer of the dermis. Depending on skin conditions and as well as other external factors the pigment may last from 1-3 years. Individuals who spend a lot of time in the sun, sweat a lot, have excessive oiling or sebum, have abrasive facial treatments such as chemical peelings, will have pigment disappear faster then individuals who do not. Following aftercare instruction properly is crucial, and will yield the best possible result with the best pigment retention.

Whar are the benefits?

​Provide fuller brows while still remaining natural looking

Reduces time spent filling in brows daily

Brows are waterproof and sweat proof

Perfect shape is calculated by morphology of face and the golden mean φ (1.618)

Who is a candidate for microblading?

Those with over plucked eyebrows.

Those suffering from hair loss due to a medical condition.

Those who have difficulty applying makeup

Those who are in a rush and don’t have time to always apply makeup.

Do I need a touch-up

It is recommended to book a perfection touch up and must be booked between 4-8 weeks after initial appointment

How often do I refresh color?

Your touchup after 4-8 weeks is included in the initial cost, at this appointment we will fix

any areas where stroked may have faded or flaked off. If you have not booked your touch up

Refreshing color can be done as soon as 6 months after initial treatment, but is color refreshing recommended yearly.​

Does it hurt?

The sensation of microblading is said to be similar to t tweezing eyebrows, a topical

anesthetic will be used after the first pass. Note if you are on your menstrual cycle you may

be more sensitive to pain.

What will it look like?

After the initial microblading session, the brows will be approximately 10-15% thicker, and

40-50% darker for the first 7-10 days following the treatment. Over the first week after

brows have been tattooed your skin may go through many changes, the strokes may even

disappear and reappear. After the first week your brows will lighten up to their true result.

After 4 weeks you will come back in for the touch up appointment where any changes can

be discussed.

How are they shaped?

The shape of eyebrows is calculated according to the morphology of the face and the golden

mean, the number φ (1,618).

Symmetry is determined digitally when the facial muscles are relaxed (when the client’s eyes

are closed).

How is color chosen?

The color is determined only according to the natural color of the hairs in the eyebrows.

Is it sanitary?

I Understand the importance and take pride in having sanitary conditions, this means

disinfecting the workstations and surrounding area before and between each treatment. As

well as having single use, disposable tools.

I am Blood Borne Pathogens certified aswell.

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